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    DayZ Hunting Grounds

    DayZ Hunting Grounds expands on the dark myths and legends of Lingor Island, bringing the newest version of IceBreakr’s Lingor Island together with new content and a slew of fixes and improvements to DayZ and Lingor Island.

    DayZ Hunting Grounds features:

    * The new Lingor island update, with more than 200 hours of new work and updates from Icebreakr, with collaboration from the DayZ Hunting Grounds team to provide an even better DayZ environment.
    * A redesigned north west area of the map with completely new rivers and towns.
    * An entirely new island (Bantanam) to the east of Lingor.
    * Smoothed out roads, modified forests, and many other map fixes and changes.
    * A fix for the infamous barrack door issue that plagues other versions of DayZ Lingor.
    * Numerous new vehicles, including 8 different Jetski’s, 3 Lingor government helicopters, 3 small Cessna aircraft including a waterplane, two new Huey’s with jungle paint work, MV22’s, Ka137’s, and a custom jungle SUV.
    * A balanced set of new weapons specifically chosen to add excitement without adding a bewildering range of confusing and incompatible magazines. Weapons added include the Rheinmetall MG1, the MP2, RPD, SKS, STG and many more.
    * A custom rubble and town generator, with over 15,000 objects to bring the apocalyptic feel to Lingor.
    * A humanity level system, with 4 bandit levels, 2 hero levels and more to come.
    * Numerous new civilian skins to more suit island life.
    * Rapid updates when new DayZ versions are released due to DayZ Hunting Grounds having a primary developer who is also on the DayZ Mod development team.
    Spawn selection between Calamar, Dressen, Chupinka or a random location, as well as gender selection.
    Updated backpack capacities, and a 35 slot gun bag and 60 slot large gun bag.
    “The Hunters” of Lingor have left the shadows of the jungle and now hunt alongside the infected. Kill one and there is a chance of finding a rare material manipulator that will let you craft a personal vault.

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  2. Christian2426

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    How long till relase of the Server Files? And the mod is awesome, the jump action, the baeball bat and anything else is awesome.
  3. Skaronator

    Skaronator Moderator

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  4. Christian2426

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  5. fouc

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    I was a big fan of Lingo skaro, and now you've made a great job to add mods and make the map better.
    I will make a server for my community to test it !

    So many thanks to you and your team for making DayZ each time better ;)
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  6. TheWisable

    TheWisable New Member

    It seems that in a lot of the big cities many standard buildings (i.e schoolhouse, supermarket, firehouse, chernarus apartments) do not spawn loot at all. I have been really enjoying the mod but died several times do to the inability to find loot in any of these buildings.
  7. Skaronator

    Skaronator Moderator

    It's a problem with the 1.7.7 Code itself but I has fixed it in the next version.
  8. Hawk3y3

    Hawk3y3 New Member

    Everytime I try to run a server and then connect to it, the server crashes? can you tell me why?
  9. Skaronator

    Skaronator Moderator

    What said the rpt log?
  10. Hawk3y3

    Hawk3y3 New Member

    I got it running but got to figure out how to get cars spawning.
  11. Skaronator

    Skaronator Moderator

    Run pMain in your db.
  12. Hawk3y3

    Hawk3y3 New Member

    do you have a launcher for this or how would I add this to my batch file to run the pMain command on my server?
  13. Skaronator

    Skaronator Moderator

  14. Herugrum

    Herugrum New Member

    Can this be run on server? If so what files will I need?
  15. Skaronator

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  16. Falcon911

    Falcon911 Well-Known Member

    Ran that but getting

    The user specified as a definer ('dayzhg'@'localhost') does not exist

    (Yes I did change my DB name to the above)
  17. Skaronator

    Skaronator Moderator

    Hum, look in the Pwnz0r Server Pack forum. It also use the offical hive Schema.
  18. stormmaker

    stormmaker New Member

    I Play Hunting Ground since a 30 min. and i saw a bug . When i use a M240 or a PKP or a M4A1 or so than the arms and so are a big Fail . Than im look like an Alien :D i hate it ^^
  19. Skaronator

    Skaronator Moderator

    Yeah this is a known bug. I'll push the next patch very soon (with 1.8 Code)
  20. Dirty Rat

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