DayZThirsk: Download And Install Instructions

Discussion in 'Thirsk' started by Stapo, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

    Location: Northern Finland (Fictional)
    Size: 5120m x 5120m
    Performance: Good
    Villages: 2
    Military bases: 4
    Airports: 2
    Islands: 5


    Client Files:



    Server Files:

    DayZ Private Server Lite

    Bliss (Blissrepo Package)

    Zoomable Map:
    Shacknews Thirsk Map
  2. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

    US Server UP!

    Also Added Snow
  3. beowolfschaefer

    beowolfschaefer Administrator Staff Member

    dammit. With this and Namalsk out now I'm not going to have enough time to play Dishonored and X-Com this weekend. What a tough life I lead :p Thanks for the hard work man. Can't wait to try it out tonight!
  4. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Good work Stapo, will try and jump on tonight.
  5. skampy

    skampy New Member

    Server online with snow
  6. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

    skampy change in your server name V1.0 to V1.1
    i forgot to do it on the SDZ servers
  7. skampy

    skampy New Member

    i have changed
  8. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

  9. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

    Updated To 1.3 :D
  10. Byrgesen

    Byrgesen Member

    Will this end up on DZC at some point? :)
  11. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

    i really dont think so tbh :( because there are only 3 servers
  12. Byrgesen

    Byrgesen Member

    But perhaps that would change, if you were to release it to the hosters?
    I dont know if it is your plan and i surely dont wanna rush :) Just interested hehe.
  13. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

    i have release it :) but no-one wants to host it: and bliss support is coming soon aswell
  14. Byrgesen

    Byrgesen Member

    Ahh ok, i guess Bliss support is essential for the bigger hosting companies to implement it, as most of them are using bliss based servers.
    Dunno if people love the map though :)
  15. Audio Rejectz

    Audio Rejectz Well-Known Member

  16. nashable

    nashable New Member

    Client file link 404's - I'm very interested in hosting this or if Stapo is done with the project perhaps taking it over.

    Stapo do you have a mirror for the client anywhere?
  17. Stapo

    Stapo Modding Veteran

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